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We are Property Real Estate Shoppers. We will help you to find the house of your dreams in Spain. We will help you, guide you and advise you in the process of buying a home in Spain or any other property for sale in Spain.

We are the buyer's agents. We offer a complete, professional and personalized service to the buyer of the properties in Spain, positioning ourselves at your side and working for your interests. This is the feature that distinguishes us from the traditional Spanish real estate agencies, whose client priority excellence is the seller.

We only protect the interests of those who want to buy a house in Spain and never of the one who sells. The real estate in Spain have a limited number of properties, those that they have in portfolio at that time, and each real estate has its own. We access 100% of the houses in Spain for sale and always negotiate in favour of the buyer.

Who We Are and what we do in Property in Spain

Houses and apartments for sale in Spain

How we find your property

Have you ever dreamed of a house in Spain, a villa in the south of Spain, a villa near the beach, a luxurious villa or an economic villa, a house in Spain near a golf course, a house in Spain with land, an apartment in Spain, etc.

First, we hold a meeting with you, in which we collect all the necessary data to search for properties in Spain that meet the desired requirements. We carry out an exhaustive search, visit the properties as a buyer and make a pre-selection for you. Once the pre-selection is made, we show that to you.

After these initial steps, we visit together with you the selected property in Spain, and at the time of deciding, we take care of the negotiation and closing, always watching over the interests of the buyer. A relationship of total confidence is established, in which the client is calm, knowing that a professional is taking care of their interests at all times.

How We Work at Property in Spain

The Initial Interview

In this first personal interview we establish a first direct communication with our client to get to know each other and at the same time soak up their needs and concerns about the type of property they are looking for. This first phase is very important so that the whole process is carried out correctly.

The Signature of the Search Contract

Signature of the Services Contract where the characteristics of the search and the contracted services are clearly stated.

After establishing the initial connection between Buyer and ourselves (Personal Real Estate Shopper), we already have a defined profile of our client and their demand. It is time to sign a Service Contract where the characteristics of the search and the contracted services are clearly stated.

Once the contractual commitment is established, a research and search process get underway which involves a lot of time, travel and visits to real estate with corresponding expenses. To proceed with the above a fee is charged for works to begin.

The Search Process

The search is conducted in a comprehensive manner, sifting all options with absolute freedom, without relying on a portfolio of limited property and opening our range to 100% of the market (large real estate websites, agencies located in the search area, on-site visualizations, personal contacts, etc.).

Initial Visits

Once we have a selection of possible properties that fit initially with the demand of our client, we begin to make visits to said properties to verify the veracity of the offer and thus discard those that are not worthwhile or do not meet predetermined expectations. In this way we avoid unnecessary visits and save you a lot of time.

Detailed Report and Selected Visits

When we already have a pre-selection of properties that meet the pre-established requirements, we send a detailed report to our client and we arrange a small but accurate schedule of visits, accompanying you to make direct contact with the selected properties.

Thus, we achieve great effectiveness. If we find any property that really responds to our client's demand, we will see it with him as many times as necessary to clarify doubts.

Objective Fulfilled

Once the client shows concrete interest in a specific property, we proceed to analyse the legal and technical situation of the property.

Then, and always in coordination with our client, we proceed to establish a price negotiation process with the selling party. When we reach a satisfactory agreement, we will examine the legal documentation for the signing of the Signal and Arras Contract and the Escritura.

How you save money and time

We accompany you in the purchase of any property in Spain that you are looking for, finding, negotiating and closing the best option for you. The four benefits of using our services are as follows:

  • Time: Saves the buyer 70% of the visits made with a traditional real estate.
  • Concerns: Saves and avoids surprises of hidden defects, provides technical, financial and legal reports.

  • Money: Saves between 5% and 20% of the exit prices of the house.

  • Conflict of Interest: Saves the conflict of interest, since we position ourselves in favour of the buyer.

Benefits to work with us at Property in Spain

How we search your property

  • Tell us what you are looking for
  • We do a study
  • We visit the properties
  • Reporting
  • We visit the properties with you
  • We set an offer
  • We negotiate the price
  • Mortgage and notary

How to get your overseas property

There are never any properties for sale on our website or in the office. We do not have our own portfolio, that is, we have total freedom to search for the house, villa, or apartment, of your dreams in Spain and our search scope is unlimited: internet, real estate agencies, personal contacts or concierges. This means that there is no conflict of interest because it does not condition the commission that is traditionally charged from the seller.

We do not compete with the real estate agencies in Spain and, in fact, we collaborate with them to locate the property in Spain. But to explain it with an example, "when you go to a trial you always have a lawyer who defends your interests, we defend those of the buyer and the real estate agents of the seller".

The buyer specifies the house in Spain they are looking for, budget, area, qualities and characteristics. We visit dozens and discard those that do not meet all the requirements. Then, we make a selection of homes (between four and six) that fit like a glove with the buyer's request and we supervise legal and technical reports (revisions of electrical installations, measuring surfaces with laser, wiring, etc.) of each property. Then, the buyer can visit all in one day. We help with contracts, renovation or decoration and even the search for a school for children.

We save the client up to 70% of the time spent in the search, and when negotiating on their behalf, a reduction of between 5% and 20% of the purchase price is achieved.

They are professionals who do not have much time or who have been looking for unsuccessful months or years, not residents in the city and with an age between 35 and 65 years. They are people who value their time, but sometimes they do not know the language, nor the administrative functioning, and sometimes even, or the area. In the case of premises or offices, they are entrepreneurs with an expanding business, but without time.

A relationship of total confidence is established, in which the client is calm, knowing that a professional is watching over their interests at all times. We also take care of looking at mortgages in different entities if the client requires it, trying to find the most advantageous, and to hire reforms for the house.

If the buyer goes to a real estate agent in Spain, he will try to sell what he has in his portfolio. But in our case 100% of the offer in the market is accessed, because we contemplate housing in Spain of all kinds: private, real estate, bank, etc.

On the one hand, because they do not know the market and the administrative functioning of the country and ask for help in these matters. For some it is for the language barrier or also because they are clear about the importance of good advice before signing a mortgage or buying and selling a home.

Buying a home is one of the most stressful situations a person goes through in their life. Besides requiring a significant economic investment, it involves going through a long process knowing the market, visiting homes and negotiating, with the owner and banking entities, until signing the operation. Throughout this journey, the search becomes more tedious when the potential buyer discovers that close to 90% of the properties advertised on the housing websites accumulate at least one or two "inaccuracies" about their qualities.

“These tricks mean for the potential buyer to lose close to 100 hours of their time visiting properties that do not meet their expectations, time that would be significantly reduced if the most frequent "inaccuracies" in the Spanish real estate market were adjusted”

  1. Excellent Location: This is one of the most common tricks to call attention to a home. There are references to the proximity of the coast or services in homes on the beach with expressions such as "first line" or "near the sea" and then are 700 meters away.
  2. Advertised Surface 50 meters/Reality 30 meters: In almost all the houses we find that a total price is announced that does not coincide with the valuation price per square meter per real area, with the consequent loss for the buyer.
  3. Cozy Apartment (Ideal for Couples): Floor with many possibilities, etc., all these expressions that we can find in any advertisement are euphemisms of the same thing (it is a small floor and, probably, poorly distributed).
  4. To Enter to Live: Of course, this definition is very subjective. For many buyers it means that you only need to paint. Others will assume that you need, in addition to painting and some small repairs. However, what is not acceptable is to find, under this striking title, floors with reforms made more than 7 or 8 years ago, with its consequent need for updating.

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